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The ANU Research repository is an online location for collecting, maintaining and disseminating the scholarly output of the University. This service allows members of the University to share research with the wider community. ANU Research accepts journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, working or technical papers and other forms of scholarly communication.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6305
PreviewDate CreatedDate PublishedTitleAuthor(s)
-30-Apr-2001Selectivity of nanocavities and dislocations for gettering of Cu and Fe in siliconStritzker, B.; Petravic, M.; Wong-Leung, J., et al
-Mar-2003Studies of resonantly produced plasmas in the H-1NF heliac using a far-infrared scanning interferometerCollis, S. M.; Howard, J.; Warr, G. B., et al
-2003Total time derivatives of operators in elementary quantum mechanicsAndrews, Mark
-Mar-2003Measurements of poloidal rotation velocity using cross-correlation spectroscopy in the H-1 heliacShats, M. G.; Punzmann, H.; Xia, H., et al
-Mar-2003Multichannel visible spectroscopy diagnostic for particle transport studies in the H-1 heliacPunzmann, H.; Shats, M. G.; Solomon, W. M., et al
-27-May-2003Etching silicon by SF₆ in a continuous and pulsed power helicon reactorHerrick, A.; Perry, A. J.; Boswell, R. W.
-14-May-2003Low temperature pulsed etching of large glass substratesDubost, L.; Belinger, A.; Perrin, J., et al
-3-Mar-2003Current-free double-layer formation in a high-density helicon dischargeCharles, Christine; Boswell, Rod
-2-Aug-2004Deformation behavior of ion-irradiated polyimideKucheyev, S. O.; Felter, T. E.; Anthamatten, M., et al
-6-Dec-2004Suppression of thermal atomic interdiffusion in C-doped InGaAs∕AlGaAs quantum well laser structures using TiO₂ dielectric layersGareso, P. L.; Buda, M.; Fu, L., et al
-6-Oct-2003Mutual passivation of group IV donors and nitrogen in diluted GaNₓAs₁ˍₓ alloysYu, K. M.; Walukiewicz, W.; Wu, J., et al
-29-Dec-2003Passivation of Si nanocrystals in SiO[sub 2]: Atomic versus molecular hydrogenWilkinson, A. R.; Elliman, R. G.
-15-May-2003Epitaxially grown GaAsN random laserSun, B. Q.; Gal, M.; Gao, Q., et al
-8-Aug-2003Extreme ultraviolet laser excitation of isotopic molecular nitrogen: the dipole-allowed spectrum of ¹⁵N₂ and ¹⁴N¹⁵NSprengers, J. P.; Ubachs, W.; Baldwin, K. G. H., et al
-15-Dec-2003Compositional changes on GaN surfaces under low-energy ion bombardment studied by synchrotron-based spectroscopiesDeenapanray, Prakash N. K.; Petravić, M.; Kim, K.-J., et al
-May-2001A three-dimensional Gaussian-beam ray-tracing program for designing interferometer/polarimeter plasma diagnosticsWarr, George B.; Howard, John
-22-Jun-2003Experimental verification of line- and band-shape asymmetry in the Schumann–Runge system of O[sub 2]Kono, M.; Lewis, B. R.; Baldwin, K. G. H., et al
Lever et al Impurity Free Vacancy 2004.pdf.jpg-15-Dec-2004Impurity free vacancy disordering of InGaAs quantum dotsLever, P.; Tan, H. H.; Jagadish, C.
Michael and Howard Determination of Electron Temperature 2004.pdf.jpg-Oct-2004Determination of electron temperature from spectral line intensity decay for radiation dominated plasmasMichael, C. A.; Howard, J.
obnnt.pdf.jpg-29-Mar-2004Boron nitride nanotubes: pronounced resistance to oxidationChen, Ying; Zou, Jin; Campbell, Stewart J., et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 6305

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