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The ANU Research repository is an online location for collecting, maintaining and disseminating the scholarly output of the University. This service allows members of the University to share research with the wider community. ANU Research accepts journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, working or technical papers and other forms of scholarly communication.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5151
PreviewDate CreatedDate PublishedTitleAuthor(s)
-2015Beyond carbon, more than forest? REDD+ governmentality in IndonesiaMcGregor, Andrew; Challies, Edward; Howson, Peter, et al
-Feb-2015Price dynamics in global crude oil marketsLiu, Wai-Man; Schultz, Emma; Swieringa, John
-5-Dec-2014Novel superconductivity: from bulk to nano systemsDas, M. P.; Wilson, B. J.
-20-Jan-2015Mid-infrared optical nonlinearities of chalcogenide glasses in Ge-Sb-Se ternary systemDai, Shixun; Chen, Feifei; Xu, Yinsheng, et al
-20-Jan-2015Compensatory stabilizing role of surface mutations during the directed evolution of dienelactone hydrolase for enhanced activityPorter, Joanne L.; Collyer, Charles A.; Ollis, David L.
-5-Jan-2015Saline Indian Ocean waters invaded the South Atlantic thermocline during glacial termination IIScussolini, P.; Marino, G.; Brummer, G.-J. A., et al
-14-Jan-2015Assessing the uncertainty on particle size and shape: implications for ESR and OSL dating of quartz and feldspar grainsDuval, M.; Campaña, I.; Guilarte, V., et al
-2015Biofuel sustainability and the formation of transnational hybrid governancePonte, Stefano; Daugbjerg, Carsten
-21-Jan-2015Discrete solitons in graphene metamaterialsBludov, Yuliy V.; Smirnova, Daria A.; Kivshar, Yuri S., et al
-3-Oct-2014The cellular redox environment alters antigen presentationTrujillo, Jonathan A.; Croft, Nathan P.; Dudek, Nadine L., et al
Wallner et al Settling the Half-Life of 60 Fe 2015.pdf.jpg-28-Jan-2015Settling the half-life of ⁶⁰Fe: fundamental for a versatile astrophysical chronometerWallner, A.; Bichler, M.; Buczak, K., et al
-27-Jan-2015The Kato square root problem on vector bundles with generalised bounded geometryBandara, Lashi; McIntosh, Alan
Mikheyev and Linksvayer Genes Associated with Ant Social Behavior 2015.pdf.jpg-26-Jan-2015Genes associated with ant social behavior show distinct transcriptional and evolutionary patternsMikheyev, Alexander S.; Linksvayer, Timothy A.
Horridge How Bees Discriminate a Pattern 2015.pdf.jpg-24-Jan-2015How bees discriminate a pattern of two colours from its mirror imageHorridge, Adrian
Newman and Easteal A New Metric of Inclusive Fitness 2015.pdf.jpg-21-Jan-2015A new metric of inclusive fitness predicts the human mortality profileNewman, Saul J.; Easteal, Simon
-4-Feb-2015Surface charge reversal method for high-resolution inkjet printing of functional water-based inksCobas, Raiden; Muñoz-Pérez, Susset; Cadogan, Sean, et al
-Feb-2015Mobility and low contrast trip hazard avoidance using augmented depthMcCarthy, Chris; Walker, Janine G; Lieby, Paulette, et al
Suich H et al Ecosystem services and 2015.pdf.jpg-2015Ecosystem services and poverty alleviation: a review of the empirical linksSuich, Helen; Howe, Caroline; Mace, Georgina
Rougieux F E et al Impact of grown in point defects 2014.pdf.jpg-2014Impact of grown-in point-defects on the minority carrier lifetime in Czochralski-grown silicon wafersRougieux, F.E.; Grant, N.E.; Macdonald, D.
-2015Productivity, outsourcing and exit: the case of Australian manufacturingBakhtiari, Sasan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5151

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