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Roe_MiningEighteenth_2009.pdf.jpg-2009Mining eighteenth century ontologies: Machine learning and knowledge classification in the encyclop├ędieHorton, Russell; Morrissey, Robert; Olsen, Mark; Roe, Glenn; Voyer, Robert
Gawne Evidentiality in Lamjung Yolmo 2014.pdf.jpg-Dec-2014Evidentiality in Lamjung YolmoGawne, Lauren
Fungal Genetics and Biology.pdf.jpg-Mar-2004Construction of a bacterial artificial chromosome library, determination of genome size, and characterization of an Hsp70 gene family in Phytophthora nicotianaeShan, Weixing; Hardham, Adrienne R
Molecular Plant Pathology.pdf.jpg-Nov-2005Pathogen profile Phytophthora cinnamomiHardham, Adrienne R
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions.pdf.jpg-Feb-2004Tobacco transgenic for the flax rust resistance gene L expresses allele-specific activation of defense responsesFrost, Donna; Way, Heather; Howles, Paul; Luck, Joanne; Manners, John; Hardham, Adrienne R; Finnegan, Jean; Ellis, Jeff
The Plant Journal.pdf.jpg-Feb-2003GFP-tagging of cell components reveals the dynamics of subcellular re-organization in response to infection of Arabidopsis by oomycete pathogensTakemoto, Daigo; Jones, David A; Hardham, Adrienne R
Colloids and Surfaces A Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects.pdf.jpg-Aug-2005Mechanical and transport properties of polymeric foams derived from 3D imagesSaadatfar, Mohammad; Arns, Christoph H.; Knackstedt, Mark A.; Senden, Tim J.
Molecular Plant Pathology.pdf.jpg-Jul-2004Gene expression in germinated cysts of Phytophthora nicotianaeShan, Weixing; Marshall, Jerry S; Hardham, Adrienne R
Mycological Research.pdf.jpg-Oct-2005Characterisation of manganese superoxide dismutase from Phytophthora nicotianaeBlackman, Leila M; Mitchell, Heidi J; Hardham, Adrienne R
Mycological Research.pdf.jpg-Oct-2002Characterisation of Phytophthora nicotianae zoospore and cyst membrane proteinsMitchell, Heidi J; Kovac, Kathryn A; Hardham, Adrienne R

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