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PreviewDate CreatedDate PublishedTitleAuthor(s)
TR-CS-98-02.pdf.jpg19981998Adaptive AT2 Optimal Algorithms on reconfigurable meshesMurshed, M. Manzur; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-91-03.pdf.jpg19911991Algorithmic fault tolerance using the Lanczos methodBoley, Daniel L; Brent, Richard P; Golub, Gene H, et al
TR-CS-97-16.pdf.jpg19971997Algorithms for optimal self-simulation of some restricted reconfigurable meshesMurshed, M. Manzur; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-97-09.pdf.jpg19971997Constant Time Algorithms for Computing the Contour of Maximal Elements on the Reconfigurable MeshMurshed, M. Manzur; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-96-01.pdf.jpg19961996Constructing the spanners of graphs in parallelLiang, Weifa; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-93-06.pdf.jpg19931993Efficient implementation of sorting algorithms on asynchronous distributed-memory machinesZhou, B.B; Brent, Richard P; Tridgell, A
TR-CS-95-03.pdf.jpg19951995Error Analysis of a Partial Pivoting Method for Structured MatricesSweet, Douglas R; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-89-23.pdf.jpg19941994Factor: an integer factorization program for the IBM PCBrent, Richard P
TR-CS-95-01.pdf.jpg19951995Factorization of large integers on some vector and parallel computersEldershaw, Craig; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-96-02.pdf.jpg19961996Factorization of the tenth and eleventh Fermat numbersBrent, Richard P
TR-CS-93-04.pdf.jpg19931993Fast normal random number generators for vector processorsBrent, Richard P
TR-CS-97-07.pdf.jpg19971997A fast vectorised implementation of Wallace's normal random number generatorBrent, Richard P
TR-CS-93-01.pdf.jpg19931993An implementation of a general-purpose parallel sorting algorithmTridgell, Andrew; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-97-19.pdf.jpg19971997Implementation of a portable-IP system for mobile TCP/IPQu, Xun; Xu Yu, Jeffrey; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-92-14.pdf.jpg19921992Implementation of the BLAS Level 3 and LINPACK benchmark on the AP1000Brent, Richard P; Strazdins, Peter
TR-CS-97-08.pdf.jpg19971997A mobile TCP socketQu, Xun; Xu Yu, Jeffrey; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-92-13.pdf.jpg19921992On computing factors of cyclotomic polynomialsBrent, Richard P
TR-CS-97-17.pdf.jpg19971997On quadratic polynomials for the number field sieveMurphy, Brian; Brent, Richard P
TR-CS-92-03.pdf.jpg19921992On the periods of generalized Fibonacci recurrencesBrent, Richard P
TR-CS-93-14.pdf.jpg19931993On the stability of the Bareiss and related Toeplitz factorization algorithmsBojanczyk, Adam W; Brent, Richard P; de Hoog, Frank R, et al

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